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¡Hola a todos! My name is Amit, and I will be updating this blog over the next year-ish as I work as an English Language Teaching Assistant at an elementary school in Getafe, Spain, which is just a bit outside of Madrid. I’d more than appreciate any comments or criticisms about my blog you’d like to send my way. If you’re interested in some of my past work, I have two past blogs: https://hewhotravels.wordpress.com/, which I kept during my semester studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain; and http://kumara12.wordpress.com/, which features some of my journalism work from over the course of my senior year at USC.

If you’d like to learn more about me, check out the first post on this blog, or contact me on Facebook or Twitter (@kumaluma)!

Hello to all! Me llamo Amit, y yo actualizaré este blog durante el próximo año (más o menos) mientras que trabajo como un Auxiliar de Conversación en una escuela primaria en Getafe, España, que está sólo un poco lejos de Madrid. Agradecería cualquier comentario o crítica para mí  sobre mi blog que tenga. SI tenga interés en mi  trabajo en el pasado, yo tengo dos blogs pasados: https://hewhotravels.wordpress.com/, sobre mi semestre estudiando en el extranjero en Sevilla, España; y http://kumara12.wordpress.com/, que muestra algo de mi trabajo en periodísmo durante mi último año a USC.

Si le gustaría aprender más sobre mí, ¡mira al primero artículo de este blog, o mándame un mensage en Facebook o Twitter (@kumaluma)!

fyi I’m the one in the middle in the pic, wrapped up in the NO8DO flag, with my increíbles API program managers from Sevilla



  1. Rocio Gonzalez · · Reply

    HI Amit, Your article help me as a recruiter (in Madrid) to understand better what you need/feel when you come to Spain for the first time as an English Teacher or English teacher Assisntat.
    I agree with you that is very hard to find a flat in Madrid, and how important is to help you to find accomadation. (For us is very easy) I always do it and try to help you in every thing you need.
    My question is, do you think that people like you, would like to have some trainiing/tips about how to manage the gruop, what kind of things do you have to know about spanish students etc..
    In my opinion we have to take care of you much more and give you more attention and training. The school State schools and privates ) cant do that,

    1. Hola Rocío! I do think that auxiliares (language assistants) could benefit from advice on looking for a flat, how to teach Spanish students in particular, etc. There is already a fairly strong social group, e.g. on Facebook, for this purpose, but having native Spaniards guide us would be helpful — especially with the piso search. However, what it really comes down to is cost — most of us would love free advice, but if the advice comes with a fee, it’s usually worth it to just figure things out on one’s own.
      Hope that helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

  2. Raghav Mittal · · Reply

    Hi Amit, warm greetings!

    I’m a senior year student studying at IIT, India. I’ll be graduating next month, and I have lived in Spain for two weeks while travelling. It was love at first sight with this laidback country, and I’m very serious about returning here and teaching English for an year. As far as my English proficiency is concerned, I’m a native speaker, with a GMAT Score of 750 and English vocab score of 96 percentile.

    Could you please suggest me some English teaching program for Indians? The programs I have come across till now cater to North Americans mostly.

    Any help will be really appreciated! Cheers.

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